Budapest from home

If you're not here with us in the city it can't be an excuse! Come on, we can still show you Budapest!

Get the guidebook in front of you, open the street view of  google maps on your computer and start sightseeing in the city!

We've highlighted the pages below where you'll need additional information for Muki's puzzle. If you get stuck, feel free to contact us at the contact details provided in the Contacts!

Page 26:

number of pillars: The number of pillars is the smallest prime number.

(prime numbers are natural numbers that have exactly two divisors between the natural numbers (1 and themselves))

number of lions: Multiply the number of pillars by four to the number of lions.

number of lampposts: The number of lampposts is equal to half of the smallest three-digit number plus the number of pillars.

Page 41:

"STEPHANUS .............. (King Stephen in Latin, enter the word king in Latin)

977 -............ "(Year of birth and death of King St. Stephen)

Page 45:

Look for guild badges in the video :):

Page 48:

There are two cannons in front of the Military History Museum, and you can count the others in the photo on page 48.

Page 51:

The photo below will help you solve the puzzle on page 51!

Page 81: 

In the photo below you can see which leader is holding the flag!

Page 90:

We took a closer look at the entrance of the spa so you can easily answer Muki's question!

Page 102:

Help Muki to count how many stairs lead up to the entrance of the dome hall!

Page 111:

The photos below will help you answer the tricky question :)

Caro Sodar képe a Pixabay -en.