Here is the famous song from The sound of Music musical, where you can learn Kodaly's names for music notes.

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Changing of the guard, in front of the Parliament:

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Music Fountain


The largest music fountain in Hungary is located on Margaret Island. It is open from May to October every year. The children's music block can be heard from 11:00 to 12:00.



The Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden is more than 150 years old. Its first giraffe was received from King Franz Joseph I of Hungary, with the encouragement of his wife, Queen Elizabeth! Most of its ornate buildings, including the main entrance decorated with animal sculptures and covered with Zsolnay tiles, were erected about a hundred years ago.



The most powerful church in Budapest is the St. Stephen's Basilica, and it is even the second tallest building in the city after the Parliament. During the great flood in Pest, hundreds of people found refuge in the place where the Basilica stands today because it stood out a bit from the Pest Plai