How to use the booklet


It is a good idea to start your adventure by browsing the table of contents, as this will help you plan your city walks. We've marked nearby locations in the same color, you can easily walk through them in one day and even a playground can fit in the end. To keep track of where you've been, color the appropriate dots on the map according to the table of contents.

You can walk the Chain Bridge-Buda Castle District-Gellért Hill-Freedom Bridge route in one day, at the end of the day the nearby playgrounds (VUK, Cerka-firka) can crown your day.

The Hungarian National Museum-Synagogue-Basilica-Andrássy Avenue can give you the experience of the next day. Here you can relax in Hunyadi Square.

From the Heroes' Square you can take the City Park (there is a super playground here too :) and then you can continue your journey according to the table of contents.

Budapest from home

You are not in Budapest, but interested in the city? Or you have been here, but missed a few sights during your city tour?

Here you can find some help to follow the city walk from home. You will need the Budapest Travel Guide and the internet!

If you're not here with us in the city it can't be an excuse! Come on, we can still show you Budapest!